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Evil Eye Bracelet Silver

Evil Eye Bracelet Silver

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Looking for a little bit of luck? Our Evil Eye bracelet in silver might be just what you need. A beautiful and unique design, this bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. Whether you wear it on its own or layer it with other bracelets, this bracelet is sure to add a touch of class and glamour to your look.

The evil eye is a talisman that is said to protect against negative energy and bad luck, and this bracelet makes the perfect gift for someone who loves charms and amulets.

The bracelet is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver and adorned with dazzling blue and white zircons. It's finished with a lobster clasp and size adjuster, making it easy to get the perfect fit. Plus, it coordinates perfectly with our matching Evil Eye necklace for even more protection, so why not complete the set?

With a length of 14.5-17cm and weighing just 1.7 grams, this bracelet is both fashionable and comfortable to wear all day long.

The "evil eye," or Nazar, is a malevolent look, typically given to someone when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that the evil eye will bring about bad luck or injury. The phrase "evil eyes" is sometimes used to refer to talismans designed to ward off the evil eye.

Whether you're seeking for a little protection and good fortune, or merely want to add a beautiful item to your collection, the Evil Eye Bracelet is the perfect option. Now is the time to get yours!

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