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LED Desktop Storage Box

LED Desktop Storage Box

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Introducing Our LED Desktop Storage Box: The Ultimate Organizer with Illuminating Features!

Material: ABS

Product Features: Lid Included, Compartments Included

Style Options: 1. HD Mirror Storage Box with LED Light2. HD Mirror Storage Box with LED Light + Soft Wind Fan Storage Box

Storage Scenes: Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room, Desk, Bathroom, Storage Room

Function: Organization


1. Soft Wind Fan: Experience Smooth and Moist Makeup Application with a gentle breeze that promotes water and milk absorption, preventing makeup from sweating off.  2. 360° Rotating Mirror Surface: Adjust your viewing angle effortlessly with our versatile mirror. The LED light offers infinite dimming, accompanied by soft 3D stereo fill light for high color rendering and high-definition reflection. LED ring-shaped pearl lights evenly illuminate every inch of your skin.

3. Three Light Effects: Choose from Cool White Light for everyday makeup, Natural Light for a charming date look, or Warm Yellow Light for a dignified party appearance.

4. USB Charging: Conveniently recharge your device with our USB-compatible feature. Plus, enjoy the benefits of waterproof and dustproof functionality.

5. Exquisite Design Details: Smoothly slide open compartments with ease thanks to the sleek handles. No more jams or struggles—just effortless organization. The raised handle ensures easy access, while its non-slip design offers a secure grip.

Experience the perfect blend of organization and illumination with our LED Desktop Storage Box. Elevate your makeup routine and keep your essentials neatly arranged in style!

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