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Nail Extension Gel Set

Nail Extension Gel Set

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Introducing our Nail Extension Gel Set - the solution to weak nails! Perfect for both personal and professional use, this amazing manicure set makes it effortless to apply your desired semi-permanent UV varnish. Begin by gently filing your nails, then apply a thin layer and cure it with UV/LED lights. Next, choose a suitable size false nail tip and apply the gel to the nail mold, before gently sticking it onto your real nail. Ensure it is securely attached before curing it again with UV/LED lights. Finally, shape and trim with a nail clipper, smooth out any rough edges with a file, and complete with a top coat cured under UV/LED lights. With our extensions, you can enjoy strong, glossy nails without any worries of breakage!

Name: Nail Extension Gel Set
Product Weight: About 15g
Applicable Crowd: General
Skin Type: Normal
Net Product Content: 15ml

Package Included:
Extension Gel Set


While we strive to source high-quality products, Allure Society can not guarantee that certain skin types will not react to any of the ingredients used in any of the products on our site and by purchasing and using this product you understand and accept this.  Please read the following prior to making your purchase.

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  • Product: This product is only to be used as intended by its purpose as per the product description.

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